Getting homeowners insurance is a pain in the application.

...but it doesn't have to be.

Matic Makes it Simple

We’ve partnered with banks and lenders to streamline the insurance buying process. Because we work together, Matic has the information that insurance carriers need to give you a policy quote. That means Matic can save you the hassle of filling out forms and comparing quotes.

The Perfect Policy, Delivered

Our technology is changing the way people buy insurance. Matic is able to quickly search insurance carriers, with the most accurate details possible, emailing you a bindable quote in record time. The average Matic user secures their home insurance policy in just 3 minutes.

Rest Easy, You’re Covered

We want homeowner’s insurance to be the easiest part of this home buying experience. With Matic you can close your home loan faster, feel confident in your coverage, and know that we’re here for any insurance needs you have.

Your home will last a lifetime, but buying insurance doesn’t have to.

Matic makes it simple.

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